Partisan Review, Poetry, The Nation,
North American Review, Beloit,
Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly,
Southern Humanities Review, Osiris,
The Small Pond Magazine and The
New Yorker among others.

The Elizabeth Press:
I Counted Only April (1964)
Twenty Years of Hands (1966)
Which Hand Holds the Brother (1969)
Hands You Are Secretly Wearing (1972)
Both Hands Screaming (1975)
The Club Fits Either Hand (1979)
Almost Rain (2013)

Linwood Publishers
The Snowcat Poems -
To The Photographs of Robert Frank (1984)

Shearsman Books:
Mr. Lucky (1984)
Shearsman 19 (1994)

The Scarecrow Press
Who Can Touch These Knots,
New  and Selected Poems (1985)

White Pine Press
The Gandolf Poems (1987)

Flockophobic Press
Birthmark (1992)

Dusty Dog Press:
Redeeming the Wings (1991)
The Emptiness Between My Hands (1993)
These Hands Filled with Numbness (1996)

St. Andrews College Press
Letters to the Dead (1993)

Pavement Saw Press
Hands Collected (2000) (2nd Printing 2003)
(A reprinting of the above 16 books)

Stride Publications
Touching the Headstone (2000)

The Autochthon Poems (2001)

Parsifal Editions

Pudding House Publications
Greatest Hits: 1964-2008


Library of Congress
The Rare Book Collection

Yale University Library
The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript

Ohio State University Library
Avant Writing Collection